Injury not stopping Miami QB Henne?

Published: October 3, 2011


Chad HenneThe Miami Dolphins are 0-4 and their starting quarterback, Chad Henne, left the stadium wearing a sling on his left arm Sunday. Not a good sign, but at least it wasn’t his throwing arm.

Henne had started off the game well, making three of four passes for 27 yards before injuring his arm on a running play that went awry, the Palm Beach Post reports.
In Henne’s three seasons in the NFL, injury has kept him from starting only one game. He benefits this time around by having a Week 5 bye to help him heal up before taking on the New York Jets.

I can rip this arm off and, as long as I can post the ball up, I think I can play,” Henne said, according to the Miami Herald. “My left arm is not my worry. I’ve done it before. I’ve had shoulder injuries in college and high school. I played through it. I expect to play through it again. I’ll be back faster than people think.”

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